A Contemporary Children's Book for

Todays Homebirthing Families...



Children will love this colorful, contemporary book about
their family's special upcoming homebirth event. A great
tool for discussion about what to expect when the baby
arrives, this affordable book covers important issues such
as the role of a midwife, being good labor support, noises
to expect mom to make, cord cutting, placenta delivery and
breastfeeding. Combined with healthy conversation about
pregnancy and homebirth, this book will help teach children
that birth is a natural occurence, not a medical emergency.
A must have for midwives lending libraries and/or offices.

Makes a great gift for baby shower or blessingway,
or from midwife/doula to new client.


Here's what people are saying about the book:
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"I'm writing because your book has been such a hit with my clients that I am in need of a new shipment!
I have so enjoyed watching the siblings of the baby-in-belly go over and over the illustrations, totally
connecting with what is going on."

"I received the book yesterday and it's even better than I hoped. It's absolutely fabulous and I'm
going to pass this around to everyone including homebirth midwives. Thanks so much."

"The first book I ordered was for my own son (5 years old). I've decided to give a copy to each of my
clients with children, as it's such a great book, and the cost is so reasonable! Thanks!"

"Thank you - we all love this book! Well written and illustrated!"

"Great book - we received it today. My daughter is enjoying reading it and we've read it at least 5
times now in a row!:)"

"Received your book today, and I love it. The drawings are so cute, and it covers the field in such a
nice way...I will also recommend your book to my colleagues, since my profession is midwifery."